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  • Healthy Weight Loss Tips Everyone Can Easily Follow

    Healthy Weight Loss Tips Everyone Can Easily Follow0

    QUICK BITES Cutting your calorie intake to minimize any risk Daily physical activity is the key to long-term weight-loss success and maintenance Never skip your meals Losing weight is not a child’s play. You must take many things into consideration, including your diet, your sleeping habits and your lifestyle etc. Here are some weight loss tips


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  • Chocolate and Cheese Lovers Beware, These are Migraine Triggers

    Chocolate and Cheese Lovers Beware, These are Migraine Triggers0

    QUICK BITES It is advisable to avoid red wine, chocolates, cheese, and citrus fruits Migraines can occur at menopause due to fluctuations in hormones Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and causes headaches The most common migraine trigger is stress When you experience a severe headache accompanied by flashes of light, blurred vision, nausea, and at

  • Nipah Virus

    Nipah Virus0

    With its death toll on a rise and the death of the nurse at Perambra Taluk hospital Kerala, panic about Nipah Virus is knowing no bounds. With half-informed WhatsApp messages about Nipah already doing rounds, it is tough to distinguish fact from fiction. While we have already done an article on what exactly is Nipah Virus, this one

  • How Do You Decide Things Are Getting Worse?

    How Do You Decide Things Are Getting Worse?0

    Lots of things in life happen in sequences: The unemployment rate will grow for a few months and then decline for a month or two. A sports team will go on a losing streak and then win a few games in a row. You will have several frustrating days at work, and then a project will start to go

  • The Power of Unconditional Positive Regard

    The Power of Unconditional Positive Regard0

    Throughout history, theorists have disagreed on the essence of human nature. Sigmund Freud viewed the essence of humanity as lascivious and dangerous, and the objective of therapy was finding healthy ways to control our pleasure principle-driven id. B.F. Skinner saw people as empty boxes where our thoughts and behaviors were a byproduct of our environment, such that changing those reinforcement

  • How Does Gratitude Enhance Trust

    How Does Gratitude Enhance Trust0

    You know there is a reason to be grateful when you wake up in the morning. You know there is someone you do not fully appreciate. Scientists have emerged from every corner of the globe to bludgeon you with reasons why it is time to start a practice of gratitude now. What Is Gratitude? Gratitude


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